Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lifestyle Issues

I haven't posted any new recipes because truth be told I've been on a cleanse of sorts. I do drink smoothies, however, chock full of all manner of glorious things, and I have taken pictures as well as noted which blends make me feel particularly well, and why. Awhile back I also candied some tomatoes and made some fun and delicious flavored oils; photos and recipes of all these things to come at some point in the near future.

Mainly though I am eating a lot of raw foods. Spinach, nuts, seeds, cherries, bananas, etc. I use a little bit of olive oil to dress my veggies, and the rest of the time I use raw virgin coconut oil for medicinal reasons. I get more than enough healthy fats using that. I mix the coconut oil with orange juice (about a tablespoon to half a glass) and drink three times a day. The oil helps with thyroid function (I have Hashimoto's) and I am amazed over the great things it's doing for my skin, and also my energy levels. I will post more expansively on this soon.

Basically I eat the same thing nearly every day. This doesn't make good fodder for a food blog of course, but I will perhaps begin to include my observations on living 90% raw, as well as how this lifestyle is affecting my general well-being. I believe in nutritional intervention. I believe in holistic care. I believe in being the staunchest advocate for my own health care, and one way I do this is by trying to ingest things I know will truly feed my body. It's been a reverent exercise. The body truly is a temple, and the more we treat it as such, the better we begin to feel in so many areas of our life.

So, if nobody minds some deviation from the tried and true course (that being rad recipes that taste awesome), you'll be hearing from me more often on a variety of nutrtional topics currently of interest to me.



Creature SH said...

I, for one, would be quite interested in this.

Crys said...

ok, good. it's been quite an interesting ride!

Stephanie said... you have any experience with natural remedies for lymphatic system disorders, like lymphadema? I have researched, and am currently taking Bio-Rutin and Horse Chestnut. But I am always looking for other remedies!

Crys said...

i really don't. i'm not familiar with it at all. i do think, however, that simply transitioning to more "live" foods, as well as whole foods, will do nothing but better your situation. i have two issues myself, one being generational hypertension and the other being Hashimoto's, an immune disorder that attacks the thyroid.

i believe there are ways to set our body clocks back to "zero", or "normal", and to essentially begin again. it takes aggressive nutritional intervention, however.

have you read Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman?

AmyD said...

I ordered my coconut oil!!! Should be here by tomorrow! WOOT!!! Can't wait to get on board with that one!

Have to pick up some Naked Juice at the store.

Crys said...

what is this naked juice you speak of