Sunday, May 24, 2009

Out In The Garden

Snapshots from today in the garden.
I was very excited to get in there and get my hands dirty.

I wear this outfit nearly every time I garden, and have for years.
Because I'm a farmer and all.


The garden was overgrown and dry.
Still, the Greek oregano managed to come back
like gang busters, as did the sage.

Getting my hands dirty. Gardening is actually hard work, yo.
After hours of this kind of squatting as well as all the shoveling and angling,
my body aches. It's a good ache, though.

Final result. I prioritized this year, only planting the things I knew I would use.

It's been a good day.


Creature SH said...

Well, those vegetables sure won't get away.

Crys said...

I take vegetables seriously!

Jen said...


~CJ said...

Hey Crys,

I sent you an email concerning your recent blog deletions. It doesn't look like it went through though so I'll just say that I hope all is well with you and that I wish you all of the best.

I understand about the need for a fresh start and if I am part of that cutting process then I'll have no hard feelings. Promise.

God bless you and stay healthy and happy



jules said...

I love the feeling of accomplishment you get from the ache of gardening!

Crys said...

agreed, jules.