Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Garden

The sunshine does wonders for me.

I dropped the top and drove around all day, ultimately landing at the garden store. Produce is ridonkulously expensive these days and I prefer to grow my own anyway, where I can. This midwest soil is bananas-good. And so I went and picked up my flats of Roma tomatoes, my sweet basil, my spinach, my (one, for the love of God) cucumber. I'll plant them tomorrow and within weeks will be eating my own harvest. I have to say, there's very little quite so satisfying. I make my own hummus and garnish it with my own cucumbers and tomatoes. I make mounds of bruschetta. I use the basil and Roma tomatoes, add mozzarella and then make tasty paninis . The spinach is new this year (I failed miserably with it last year) and if any of you know me, you know how I love spinach salads. So it's good. It feels and tastes very good.

Sunshine? Also good. You out there reading this? Probably totally vitamin D deficient. Don't feel bad because most of us are. But vitamin D acts as a well-being hormone within us; it actually has the ability to make us feel better, lighter, calmer. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to a variety of maladies/conditions. So get your fifteen minutes, people, or supplement if you need to. And eat those veggies. And eat that fruit!

Meanwhile I'll take pictures of my garden and the things I make with my harvest.

Stay tuned.


Creature SH said...

Homegrown is clearly the best... Just a pity that it never lasts the whole year.

Over here, the soil unfortunately isn't all that great, and recent years yielded... As good as nothing. But then again, the ambitious long-time project of a Kiwi plant is just about due to start bearing sweet, furry fruit.

Crys said...

yes, i wish it could last the whole year, for sure. this year i will be more assertive with preserving at the very least my tomato sauces, and also my sun-dried tomato mixtures (and candied tomatoes, too). they keep and are always WAYYYYYYYY better than store-bought.